Avviso ai creditori ammessi al passivo di Form S.p.A in Amministrazione Straordinaria

Avviso ai creditori ammessi al passivo di Form S.p.A in Amministrazione Straordinaria

In data 6 marzo 2017, è stato comunicato via PEC ai creditori ammessi al passivo della scrivente Procedura il deposito in cancelleria del primo progetto di ripartizione parziale dell’attivo, come da autorizzazione del 13 febbraio 2017 da parte del Giudice Delegato Dott.ssa Macchi.

La documentazione peritale citata nel predetto progetto sarà resa disponibile ai creditori ammessi al passivo che ne facciano richiesta mediante comunicazione via PEC all’indirizzo as200.2012milano@pecfallimenti.it.

Who is form in A. S.

Form S.p.A. in A.S. is an Italian company operating in the production and marketing of aluminum castings destined to automotive sector.

The business of the Company mainly consists of manufacturing aluminum die-cast components (socalled “castings”) and, to a lesser extent, die-casting molds used in the same production of castings.

A small part of the business of Form concerns the sale of scrap.

Castings produced by Form are mainly intended to serve the automotive sector, and embrace both (i) power train elements (related to engine-gearbox-transmission parts) and (ii) vehicle elements (related to chassis-steering-suspension parts).

Form is therefore engaged in the supply of system components of first-second level in the passenger cars sector, and its activity focuses on designing and manufacturing components, for their supply to car companies.

The latter are Form’s main clients, together with components assembling industries which resell semi-finished products to car companies.

With decision no. 290, dated March 22nd, 2012, the Court of Milan has declared the state of insolvency of Form, pursuant to art. 8 of the Prodi-bis Law, and has appointed Ms. Caterina Macchi as Official Receiver and Mr. Alberto Falini as Court-Appointed Administrator, though not entrusting the latter to manage the Company.

On May 14th, 2012 the Court-Appointed Administrator has filled the report pursuant to art. 28 of Prodi-bis Law, with the Court of Milan.

On June 27th, 2012 Form’s extraordinary administration procedure has initiated and on July 13th, 2012 Mr. Alessandro Triscornia has been appointed by the Ministry for the Economic Development as Special Administrator of the procedure.